About PAPO’A

Our primary objective is to create an environment that is full of joy and bliss. PAPO’A, which means “applause” in Taiwanese, embodies this spirit. The concept materialized in the summer of 2016 when we explored the value and meaning of “home”. It is not merely a place to rest the body, but it is also about having an authentic experience by being connected to the local culture.

The architectural concrete of the hotel exterior and the industrial interior design reflect the historical impression of Kaoshiung City. Black bricks manufactured by Taiwan’s traditional brick factory San He Tile Kiln, established in 1931, embellish the hotel lobby. These bricks are ideal for absorbing odors and emitting ions beneficial to one’s health. At the same time, the building’s rough texture and warm hues generate a comfortable atmosphere for guests. Moreover, it captures the essence of modern Taiwanese architectural design.

We strive to deliver hospitality that reflects traditional southern Taiwanese culture and creates a cozy home for visitors to the hotel.